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Recreational Boys and Girls Basketball

Important Dates

Team Photos:  Friday and Saturday, January 5th and 6th at Murray Hill Middle School (See Coach for Team Photo Schedule)

Schools Closed:  Monday, January 15th, and Monday, February 19th

Playoffs, Skills Competitions, and All-Star Games:  Various Dates in late-February

Boys 13-18 and Girls 13-18 Seasons End:  By February 28th (in time for High School Spring Sports tryouts)

Recreational Basketball Registration:  Opening September 2018

Travel Basketball Tryouts:  Coming September 2018


The Recreational Basketball program provides an opportunity for youth to develop fundamental basketball skills and learn important life skills such as how to participate as part of a team and communicate with your peers.  The practices and games are designed to improve skills and create a fun, learning environment for the players.  Teams are formed for the following age groups:  Coed 7-8, Boys 9-10, Girls 11-12, Girls 13-14, Girls 15-18, and Girls 9-18 (age brackets depend on the number of teams formed).

Official Basketball Ages:

The age cutoff date for basketball is January 1st of the given season.

Examples: A player who turns 13 prior to January 1st of a given season is considered to have an official age of 13 for that season.  Such a player would need to register for SBGC's 13-14 in-house division or play for a 13-year-old travel team, unless consent to do otherwise was granted.

In contrast, a player who turns thirteen on or after January 1st of a given season is considered to be 12 for that season. Such a player would need to register for SBGC's 11-12 in-house division or play for a 12-year-old travel team, unless consent to do otherwise was granted.  

High School Seniors who turn 18 prior to January 1st of a given season are eligible to play in our recreational league. Proof of High School enrollment may be requested. 


Q.  How are the age groups broken down?
Q.  How are teams organized?  
Q.  What size ball is used?  
Q.  Are standard 10-foot baskets used for all leagues?
Q.  When does registration begin?  
Q.  Can I register via paper copy and mail in my registration form and fee?  
Q.  When will evaluations be held? 
Q.  When will player drafts be held? 
Q.  When can practices begin?  
Q.  Does the league provide uniforms? 
Q.  Is the 7-8 league an instructional league or are actual games played?  
Q.  Who officiates the games? 
Q.  Where are the games and practices held?  
Q.  What basketball rules are followed? 
Q.  Who are the coaches?
Q.  Do you have a program for background checks to be conducted for all coaches?  
Q.  How long is the season?  
Q.  How many players are on a team?  
Q.  Are the players involved in any tournament play?  
Q.  Do the kids get any awards if their team wins the league or tournament? 
Q.  Is there an All Star game at the end of the season?
Q.  Will practices continue once games start?
Q.  How long are the games/practices?  
Q.  Does SBGC have travel teams? 
Q.  When are travel tryouts?  
Q.  Can I request that my son/daughter play on the same team?  
Q.  My neighbor and I would like to coach a team together in the boys 11-12 age group.  Can we request that we coach together? 
Q.  Can I request that my son play on the same team with their friends?  
Q.  My child is only 10, but I want him to play up in the 11-12 league, can he?  
Q.  My son/daughter is only 6, but has a lot of talent.  Can I sign him/her up to play in the 7/8 league?  
Q.  What are the fees for the league?
Q.  How can I register my son/daughter for the basketball league?

Quick Access

Basketball Commissioner

Rodney Petersen,

Deputy Basketball Commissioner

Mike Hewitt,

Coed 7-8 League Director

Bill Bott,

Boys 9-10 League Director

Doug Paul,
Ilana Paul,

Boys 11-12 League Director

Beth Hall,

Boys 13-14 League Director

JaBrai Scott,

Boys 15-18 League Director

Dave Jasper,

Girls League Director

John Hagerty,

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