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Player Protection Policy

Monday, July 24

“Any person convicted of crimes against children or others, illegal use of drugs, drug distribution or other serious offenses including crimes involving morals and decency shall be prohibited from participation as a volunteer or player in programs sponsored by the Savage Boys and Girls Club, Inc.”

The purpose of this policy is to protect the safety of the children who participate in Savage Boys and Girls Club, Inc. (SBGC) activities.  It is not intended to intentionally exclude, embarrass or hurt any volunteer.

Every volunteer associated with the SBGC must complete and submit to the SBGC Volunteer Review Committee (VRC) a copy of the Volunteer Application and Background Release Form, hereafter called the Application.

(The VRC will be comprised of the three elected SBGC Officers appointed by the SBGC President.)

No volunteer shall assume his or her duties until the application has been submitted, and preliminarily reviewed, by the VRC. All contents of the Application are strictly confidential.  Other individuals shall not review the Application.

If the Application contains disqualifying information, then the applicant will be so informed by the VRC.  Disqualifying information is information indicating that the applicant has been convicted of crime against children or other criminal offense, a dangerous driving record; information indicating a psychological illness or condition which would endanger any child or member of SBGC, or other information which, in the determination of the VRC, prevents an individual from participating in SBGC programs.

Each volunteer is required to grant permission to SBGC to obtain a current copy of his consumer (3 year) driving record and to conduct a criminal records check.

Again, the purpose of this policy is solely to protect the safety of the children who participate in SBGC activities.

Participants whose application contains disqualifying information may seek an explanation.  However, the decision of the VRC is final.  

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