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Player Protection Policy - Standard Procedure

Monday, July 24

Terms and definitions

"volunteer" – All officers of the Club and members of the Board of Directors, as well as any individual engaged in fulfilling the Club’s Mission – League Directors, coaches, assistant coaches, coordinators, etc. -- who has any direct or indirect contact with children;
"volunteer review committee"  -- The President will designate a Chair and two other elected members of the Club leadership on an annual basis to serve as the "volunteer committee";

"Application" – the Coach/Volunteer Application and Background Check Release Form;

The procedure
Every volunteer associated with the Savage Boys and Girls Club, Inc. (SBGC) – Officer, Member of the Board of Directors, Commissioner, League Director, Coach, Assistant Coach, and all others deemed appropriate  -- must complete and submit to the Volunteer Review Committee (VRC) a copy of the Coach/Volunteer Application and Background Check Release Form, hereafter called the Application.

The Application will include a mechanism whereby the applicant consents to allow SBGC to commission a background check, which may include a criminal records search.

Each potential volunteer is required, through signature, to grant permission to SBGC to obtain a current copy of his consumer (3 year) driving record and to conduct a criminal records check.  Each volunteer is also required to release and hold harmless from liability the SBGC, officers, volunteers and other organizations and individuals who may provide information to the SBGC.
Player Protection Policy

Standard Procedure
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No volunteer shall assume Club duties until the application has been submitted (and preliminarily reviewed) approved by the VRC.

To protect volunteer confidentiality, others shall not review the Application. All contents of the Application are strictly confidential and no one other than VRC shall see the completed Application, unless required by law.

If the Application contains disqualifying information, then the applicant will be informed by the VRC.

Disqualifying information
Disqualifying Information consists of information indicating that the applicant has been convicted of crime against children, other persons or property or another criminal offense, a dangerous driving record; information indicating that he or she has a psychological illness or other condition which could endanger any child or member of SBGC.   A non-inclusive list of such offenses is attached.

Disqualified individuals may obtain a copy of their background report upon written request and with proper identification. Otherwise, see "Confidentiality" above.

In an effort to maximize protection of our children, there will be no appeal.

The process
Specific sport commissioners will be wholly responsible for ensuring that their League Directors are knowledgeable about the PPP.  League Directors will be wholly responsible for ensuring that all coaches in their league complete the Application before any and all activities commence – call-outs, evaluations, draft, practice, games, etc.

Upon receipt, the VRC will review all completed Applications, setting aside for background check, all those Applications that include self-acknowledgment of convictions, mental illness or other condition that warrants additional scrutiny.
Player Protection Policy

Standard Procedure
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The VRC will ensure that 25% of the volunteer population of the SBGC will be subjected to background checks annually, (until such time that the entire volunteer population has been reviewed).  In addition to Applications earmarked for background checks by virtue of a self-acknowledged issue or defect, the VC will designate, by random selection, additional Applications for background check.

The SBGC will provide to a designated vendor criteria for volunteer service, including a list of "barrier crimes" which disqualify applicants from volunteer service.

The SBGC assumes volunteers have no disqualifying offenses.  While no volunteer will be permitted to execute Club-related duties until he or she completes the Application, volunteers will be permitted to assume their duties while a background check is underway.

Once completed, the Treasurer will maintain an archive of active volunteers, making sure to protect strict confidentiality.  The completed applications and background check reports will be maintained as long as the volunteer remains active.  Once the individual ceases to volunteer, any completed applications and background reports will be destroyed.

Phased implementation
In the first year of implementation, the following groups of individuals will be asked to submit to a background check:

  1. All Club officers, Members of the Board of Directors, Commissioners, League Directors;
  2. All Travel Team coaches and their assistant coaches;
  3. Volunteers new to the Club and volunteers without children in the Club;
  4. Any current volunteer may "volunteer" for a background check;
  5. A group of current volunteers chosen by random selection;

Savage Boys and Girls Club, Inc.

List of Disqualifying Offenses:
No individual shall be permitted to participate Savage Boys and Girl’s Club-sponsored programs if the results of a background check show that the person has ever been convicted of any of the following crimes:

A. Crimes Against People

B. Crimes Against Property

C. Crimes Involving Morals and Decency
failing to secure medical attention for injured child
crimes against nature involving children
taking indecent liberties with children
abuse and neglect of children
obscenity offenses
possession of child pornography or electronic facilitation of pornography
abuse and neglect of incapacitated adults

D. Crimes Against Minors
Any conviction for a crime against the person or property of a minor, felony or misdemeanor, inclusive of the crimes set forth above.

E. Other Crimes
Reckless driving
Drug trafficking/distribution

F. Pending charges
All pending charges and convictions for barrier crimes revealed through a background check shall be reviewed on a case by case basis to determine if the individual poses a safety risk to the children involved in the program.

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